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At EMERGE, our core value of equity grounds our work.  Every partnership we develop with colleges & universities aims to not only improve access & affordability for the students we serve, but to ensure that we are working collectively to create inclusive policies, advising strategies, and persistence practices that ensure our students have a sense of belonging on campus, and thrive post-graduation.


EMERGE believes that by building strategic partnerships with colleges and universities, we will, together, increase access and opportunity for high performing students from underserved communities.



Tailored experience for first-generation low income students and EMERGE program managers


Each fellow has an affordable pathway and will graduate with minimum debt

transition support

Scholar participate in summer bridge programming and are connected to first-generation low income resources on campus

Academic & wellness support

Scholars are plugged in to the people and resources needed to thrive on campus


Frequently Asked Questions

How to become a partner with EMERGE?

  • If your college or university is interested in partnering with EMERGE, please fill out this contact form or reach out to Jesse Carrillo, our Director of Strategic Partnerships, at jesse@emergefellowship.org

What does it mean to partner with EMERGE?

  • EMERGE seeks to partner with schools that can provide Scholars with an affordable pathway, offer them comprehensive support while on-campus and afford them opportunities to thrive post-graduation.

What partnering with EMERGE does for colleges/universities?

  • EMERGE is excited to share in your institutional goals as well. Not only do we provide our partners access to a diverse group of talented students from the Houston area, we work with your team to identify recruitment opportunities, prepare and encourage prospective students to apply to high school programs and college admissions, and offer persistence support by region for college scholars. Please reach out to Jesse for a full list of objectives as stated in the MOU.

What impact does partnering with colleges/universities have on EMERGE and our students?

  • In the United States, only 25% of high-achieving students from low-income communities apply to the nation's most selective colleges and universities. While many of our students apply, attend, and graduate from selective colleges nationwide, we know there opportunities we are not yet 

How many students would a partner impact?

  • At some partner schools, we have 22 EMERGE Scholars in attendance and at others we are just now working to expose our staff and students to a diverse set of institutions. Regardless, we are working to increase the number of high-performing students from underserved communities to attend and graduate from selective colleges & universities across the nation.