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Halloween on a Budget

Halloween is easily one of the most celebrated holidays by college students around the country. It’s a chance to dress up, meet new people, and participate in all kinds of campus events and celebrations. Most students however, and especially first generation students, are always concerned about cost- it’s no secret that dressing up for Halloween can get super expensive. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be! This week’s blog post features our top 3 tips for doing Halloween on a budget.

1. Shop on Amazon

Amazon has great deals on costumes. They usually have the exact same costumes you’ll find in stores for a cheaper price. Additionally, they offer a “purchase used” option which will save you money. Why buy it new if you’re only wearing it once?

2. Avoid Pre-made Costumes

Pre-made costumes are almost always overpriced. Instead “build” your own costume using clothes you already have, borrowing things from roommates and friends, and only purchasing a few accessories. Check out these 101 DIY ideas. EMERGE Scholar and Georgetown student Jose Cantù (pictured above) created his Halloween costume for under $5.

3. Check Out Your College’s Theater Department

Theater departments have a plethora of costumes and props from past performances. Many college theater departments will sell props that are no longer of use to them for very reasonable prices. Get in touch with them to find out!

Halloween is only four days away, but it’s definitely not too late to participate. Get thrifty and creative, and join the fun this weekend. As always, stay safe!

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