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Take a Fellow to Work: Sanchez Oil and Gas

“Take a Fellow to Work Day” was truly a life changing experience. The day started with a commute to a building located in Downtown Houston. I was a little intimidated walking into the building, well-dressed people walking in and out. I even remember walking into the wrong elevator contemplating whether I should ask for the correct elevator. Then, after arriving to the correct floor, I was seated by the receptionist who gladly seated me in a chair with a view straight out into the city. I was then introduced to Kimberlyn Lucken and Meghan Spicer, my hosts for the day, who decided that in order for me to get the full experience of Sanchez Oil and Gas; I should visit and interact with several members of the Sanchez Oil and Gas team.

First, I met with the Data Analyst team, Brian Yu and Hector Klie, who described to me the growing need for Data Scientists. Then, with the engineers, Henry Yu and Jennifer Ofsowitz, who explained the process needed to extract oil and gas from the earth. Jennifer Ofsowitz, the Senior Operations/Facilities Engineer really stuck out to me with her enthusiasm when explaining what she did on a daily basis. This led me to conclude she loved what she did and was excited to talk about it; giving me something to think about when trying to decide whether or not I wanted to go into finance. The day continued with similar conversations, each adding a piece of knowledge I would carry for the rest of my life.

I also had the opportunity to have lunch with the Executive Chairman of the Board, A. R. Sanchez, Jr. Mr. Sanchez. Mr. Sanchez has to be one of the nicest and most influential men I have ever met. As I bit into my sandwich, Mr. Sanchez explained to me his view of my generation. He believes, with all his might that the future of my generation lies in our ability to adjust to the amount of technology being introduced into our society. He believes mathematics will be the best platform for success, "If you want to be successful during your generation, I know one thing for sure; you are going to have to major in a field involving mathematics." I fully agree with these words from Mr. Sanchez. Our world is evolving, or has already evolved into a world of technology. The amount of technology and the amount of innovation that will come from my generation is unimaginable and we have to prepare for it.

Coming into Sanchez Oil and Gas that day, I knew for certain I wanted to go to college for finance and/or economics, no matter what college I attended. My mindset completely shifted after Mr. Sanchez looked me in the eyes and said with all certainty that mathematics would be the future. With that in mind, I plan to continue my education in finance but will search for opportunities that will allow me to contribute to a growing world of technology and mathematics.

Thank you once again to EMERGE and Sanchez Oil and Gas Corporation for giving me the opportunity to partake in “Take a Fellow to Work Day.”

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