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EMERGE Students Shine: A Journey Through Their College Choices

Have you ever wondered about the multitude of pathways our students embark upon after high school? Let's explore the diverse range of colleges and universities that our EMERGE scholars have chosen for this upcoming fall.

Ivy Aspirations

For some of our students, the next chapter unfolds amidst the historic corridors of Ivy League institutions. Attending schools such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Columbia is not just about the prestigious name, but rather the research opportunities, the community collaborations, and the global perspectives these institutions offer. To our students stepping onto these campuses: we recognize the determination that brought you here. As you embark on this next phase, remember that it's not just where you are but what you make of the journey that defines your story. We're behind you every step of the way.

From Coast to Coast

From the historical streets of Boston (shoutout to Boston University and Northeastern!) to the sunny courtyards of the University of Southern California, our students are making their mark across the country. It's more than just geography. It's about each student finding their unique fit, discovering communities that resonate with their aspirations, and forging paths that will define their future.

A Passion for Liberal Arts

For our EMERGE students heading to liberal arts colleges, they're not just choosing a place of study. They're choosing an enriching life experience that will shape their worldview, hone their passions, and prepare them for diverse pathways in the future. Schools like Carleton, Bowdoin, and Oberlin offer more than just a degree; they offer an exploration, a multi-dimensional journey through a myriad of disciplines.

Tech Wizards and Innovators

Beyond traditional studies, there's a dynamic realm of technological advancement, and our EMERGE students are gearing up to be part of it. Heading to top tech-focused institutions like Carnegie Mellon and Harvey Mudd, they're set to dive into the practical, hands-on world of modern technology. These schools offer a comprehensive education, emphasizing real-world applications, teamwork, and innovative problem-solving. We're looking forward to seeing our students’ contributions to the tech world!

Upholding Histories and Traditions

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), including renowned names like Howard University and Clark Atlanta University, hold profound significance. Rooted in history and enriched by enduring traditions, these institutions offer transformative experiences. To our scholars stepping onto these campuses, you're joining a lineage of excellence, while also shaping a distinctive path forward.

Texas Forever!

Texas pride is evident in our EMERGE scholars. Many are heading to key institutions in the state, from the University of Texas at Austin to Rice University and Texas A&M. Texas has a strong tradition of academic excellence, and our students are ready to contribute to and benefit from it. To our Texas-bound scholars: your dedication and hard work make both EMERGE and the Lone Star State proud. Keep it up!Top of Form

Bottom of Form

To our EMERGE family – students, educators, parents, and supporters – this isn’t just a list of colleges. It’s a testament to what we can achieve together, a reflection of our collective strength, spirit, and aspirations. Cheers to new beginnings, learning journeys, and the incredible road ahead!


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