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EMERGE students come from underserved communities throughout Houston.  Over 90% of them will be the first in their family to graduate from college.  They share an unwavering commitment to their own education and aspire to be the next generation of leaders and agents of change.


Smith College '18

Gates Millenium Scholar


Pomona College '19


Denison University '19


Brown University '20

"The route of a minority, low-income, first-generation student is often filled with road-blocks and a mix of emotions. I know because I am a first-gen student. But having gone through EMERGE, I am now embarking on the road less traveled by someone with my background." 

"The struggles during the college process came in many forms. However, getting accepted to a college/university that would even consider me for need-based financial aid was extremely difficult. Through the guidance of EMERGE, I was able to find that opportunity. Without EMERGE, I would have missed on having a support system that extends far beyond graduation. Scholars are represented at top-tier schools across the whole nation. And to me, that is something I treasure. "

"An obstacle I faced when applying to college was keeping open communication with my parents as to the importance of me going to school out of state and the benefits of attending Denison. Without EMERGE, I would not be where I am today. I made it through the college process more prepared than I ever thought I would be. However, once I got to college, I still needed guidance and EMERGE has always been there for me. They still are."


"I had trouble with confidence. I regularly spent long chunks of time stressing that my application wasn’t good enough, or - once I was accepted - that I somehow made it a little too good, and it wasn’t truly representative of who I am. I’ve learned to have a bit more faith in myself and my capabilities. Without EMERGE, applying to Brown - let alone getting accepting- would not have crossed my mind. I am so grateful that my Program Managers took the time to think about me personally and help me determine what I wanted in a college." 

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