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Ed Page and Julian Montes

The 2020-2021 academic year was my first year as an EMERGE mentor. I was drawn to the program because I saw it as an opportunity to influence the lives of students who had the potential and drive to positively impact others in the future. I was introduced to Julian Montes by another mentor, Greg Armstrong, who informed me of Julian’s interest in being an entrepreneur and suggested I reach out to Julian due to my experience in starting and running several companies during my professional career.


Julian and I hit it off quickly, but the COVID restrictions made it difficult to spend time together. In June, the restrictions were somewhat relaxed, and I was able to take Julian to dinner. A few weeks later, I took Julian and his friend Danny, also an EMERGE student, to an Astros game. It was the first time they had ever been to a major league baseball game. We had a great time, and the night was capped off by Julian catching a foul ball by doing a full layout and diving across two rows of seats to get the ball. He was so excited, and I was so happy for him.


Throughout the year, Julian and I continued to talk on the phone, and after some time, he informed me that he was accepted into Babson College. It became evident that going so far from home to Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts was going to be a little stressful for Julian and his parents. Having accompanied my four children to college their freshman year, my wife and I agreed I should do the same with Julian. So in August 2021, Julian and I flew to Boston, drove to Wellesley, and shared the experience of moving him into his dorm and going through the check-in process. To this day, Julian and I continue to talk weekly on the phone.


EMERGE has allowed me to fill a void in my life after selling my company. I chose to return as a mentor and now have my mentee for the 2021-2022 academic year, Nicholas Denning, and I look forward to developing our relationship.


EMERGE is a great program that creates opportunities for deserving students to get into colleges they would not otherwise be able to attend; building great students who will have strong, positive influences on our society in the future.


I would like to thank Elliott Whitney who introduced me to EMERGE and the EMERGE staff who kept the program going through one of the most difficult times in history. I would like to thank Greg Armstrong for introducing me to Julian.


I would especially like to express my appreciation to Julian and his parents for allowing me into his life. Julian comes from a loving, supportive family and I know it took a lot of bravery and trust on their part to let him go so far away from home after spending the previous 18 years providing a safe and nurturing environment for him.

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