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WWE's latest PPV offering has the potential for some unique and fun matches on Sunday night. WrestleMania Backlash is set to go down from the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island on May 8 with plenty of interesting matchups and pairings that run back PPV showdowns from a month earlier.

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As per the video going viral on social, Reigns said, “I’ve been here a couple of times in the past 10 years. I’m starting to work into a new phase in my career, and I honestly don’t know if I’ll be back here again. If that’s the case, I just wanna say thank you for all these years of support.

Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins

There's the right thing to do and the WWE thing. The right thing is to have Rhodes win again. If you want him to come back as a star, he needs to be winning matches. WWE loves to utilize 50/50 booking, however, which would indicate Rollins gets the win here to even things up. There is a bit of good that could come from a 1-1 series if WWE


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